Ethical Manufacturing Policy

We don’t have an Ethical assessment but we at Oriental Overseas respect all cultures and celebrate human diversity, but we deem certain principles to be universal. We work on a few set of principles. 

Conditions of Employment

  • We conduct our business in an open, moral and equitable manner.
  • We remunerate employees at a fair market rate in accordance with their responsibilities and abilities.
  • The use of any child labor is unacceptable.
  • Safe working conditions is provided for all employees and none will be subjected to dangerous working practices.
  • Working hours are reasonable and appropriate breaks are given. Wages and benefits are fully comparable with dealing.
  • Employees are considered for promotion and advancement purely on their ability, and in no circumstances will the exploitation of any individual or group is allowed.
  • Employees are engaged on a voluntary basis, there is no forced labor or any use of physical or mental abuse, or any form of corporal punishment.