Embossing on Leather

Blind embossing is a marking technique that does not use ink, which is why it is also called embossed or hot stampingBlind embossing creates a relief on leather, which gives the item an awesome look.

It is done using brass metal dice. This metal dice is fixed on an embossing machine and heated to 180 degrees centigrade. The leather part or the finished article is aligned under this hot dice and stamped for a few seconds with 60 to 120 PSI pressure. This leaves behind a permanent embossed mark on leather.

Examples of Embossed Leather Goods are as below

Please Note :- A one time charge towards the emboss dice development costs will be charged as extra (if your order is under 250 pieces). The charge can range between USD 15.00 to USD 50.00 or above (depending on the size of the dice design/ logo). 

The metal dice will remain as your property and would last a lifetime. 

Embossing on a Leather Flap (front part of a Waiters Purse)